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    Introducing Polybrush - a fresh new software for 3D modeling and 3D Sketching

    Arseniy Korablev has created a new 3D Software with an unusual method of moeling. It was originally conceived for quick 3D sketching. Interestingly, the software is quite small in size - just 4 MB, of which 2MB consists of brushes.

    The main concept behind the software is that artists can kind of draw or sketch in 3d space instead of the usual modeling methods found in other mainstream modeling softwares like ZBrush, Modo, 3ds Max, Maya, etc. You just make strokes in 3D space, or lines, whatever. You can create your own custom 3D brushes out of simple .obj files. 3D Brush may consist of several objects and change their color and deformation, depending on the graphic tablet pen pressure. Each brush can have a different set of parameters, it's easily selected by the user as a modifier stack. A result it turns library of different sets of brushes which users can exchange. Two different stroke - the two different from each other objects.

    In addition there are tools for sculpting (including Remesh), and unusual tool for a very quick drawing of surfaces of revolution.

    Any such concept, finished model, and even brush stored in OBJ files supported by most 3D editors.

    The program is written by one person in two years, i.e., by me, 3D-artist. I tried to make the program habitual, comfortable in all little things and not create unnecessary - Polybush without brushes weighs only 2MB and launches in a couple of seconds. In the program almost nothing besides 3D brush tool, but this Instrument really flexible. For making many things, almost anything else is not necessary. You do not need to spend weeks on studying, it's actually a three-dimensional Photoshop.

    A beta version of Polybrush is available for download in 2 formats - windows installable and windows portable. Please find the Download links below :

    Polybrush Installable for Windows

    Polybrush Portable Zip file for Windows

    Arseniy is a 3d artist/animator/c++ programmer with a great portfolio : https://www.artstation.com/artist/arsdraw

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