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    New features and Enhancements in Maya 2014

    Here are the new features that you will find in Maya 2014 :

    Advanced Modeling Workflow (Accelerated Modeling):

    The advanced modeling tools mainly mean integration of NEX Plugin from Digital Raster, as we had seen in the sneak peak for Maya 2014

    Scene Assembly Tools :

    Scene Assembly lets you create, edit and view large complex Maya scenes without the huge memory overhead of typical large data workflows. Scene Assembly is comprised of 2 independent nodes - Assembly Definition & Assembly Reference. Assembly Definition is a node that acts more like a container to store and provide access to various representations of production assets. Using Assembly Definition, you can setup different representations of an object - ranging from a simple locator (default) to GPU cache (Open Alembic .abc format) to fully textured geometry. The new Scene Assembly Tools in Maya makes managing, loading and manipulation of compex large scenes simple and intuitive.

    File Path Editor :

    The new file path editor (Located under ) is useful to diagnose, change and fix unresolved file paths to external assets which are used in the Maya file. File path editor deals with texture paths, references, image planes, audio paths. We find this very similar to the Asset Tracking dialog in 3DS Max, which was introduced in 3DS Max version 8.

    Paint Effects Enhancements (Surface & Volume Attributes):

    Node Editor :

    Joint Tool Enhancements :

    Grease Pencil :

    Next Gen Viewport Display and Shading :


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