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    Convert auto tangents from Maya 2012 to spline tangents in Maya 2011


    I am a freelance animator working in Maya, and I own a copy of Maya-2011. My current project involves mocap animation files from my client, which I have to tweek and polish to a high standard. I recently realized that Maya 2012 anim files from my client has the default tangents set to the new Auto type. Since I have to work on 2011, and since Maya-2011 doesnot have Auto tangents, I see a a great deal of disparity between previews sent by my client and the ones I generate in 2011.

    Is there any quick way (other than tweaking each tangent key by hand !) to get animation files from Maya 2012 to Maya 2011, preserving the integrity of the animation ?

    asked 5 Years ago by
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    Unfortunately, Maya 2012 animation files saved with the default Auto Tangent curves cannot be replicated in prior Maya versions. (Auto Tangents was introduced to Maya only in 2012). I'd suggest you tell the client to set default tangent to Spline or Fixed (or whatever they prefer) in 2012 before sending you the files.

    Another quick way to preserve the integrity of the animations is to tell your client to have a keyframe on every frame, because tangents wont have the scope to effect the animation in this case. Since you mentioned that your client sends you motion captured animation, and since most mocap data are per frame animation data, this should be quite easy for your client to achieve.

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    Thanks Kanokan, I think I will ask my client to do both - keyframe per frame as well as spline tangents. nyways he was using some algorithm to reduce mocap keyframes in the first place, they were not hand keyed.
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