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    How to edit FBX animation in Unity 3D


    This is my first project in Unity - am just learning it, so please excuse if my question is too noobish !

    So I have imported a few character animations which I made in 3ds Max into Unity 3D. But am not able to edit any of them, because the Position, Rotation and Scale channels are all greyed out in the Animation View. Am not able to figure out how to enable editing of these animations. Earlier, when I was toying around with some sample demo projects downloaded from the internet, I could easily tweek the animation keys to my heart's content . Any Unity experts out there who can tell me where am going wrong? The animations were imported into Unity as FBX.


    asked 5 Years ago by
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    Hey doper, glad to see you back ... I see you've been busy with your project !

    I've been through the same issue of editing FBX animation inside of Unity 3D like you mention in your question. I later figured out that any fbx animation when imported into Unity becomes a read only asset, and as such cannot be edited. For you to be able to edit them, simply select these animations and duplicate them (Edit/Duplicate in the menu).  Now use these duplicated animations for your animation events. Unlike originals, these animations can be edited in the Animation View

    hope that helps, and good luck with your project.

    answered 5 Years ago by
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    :) that worked, thanks Kanokan.
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