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    Is it possible to change Maya file browser


    Hi, maybe its just me, but the file browser in Maya (2011) irritates me a lot. Idealy I would prefer to have the default file browser during File/Open, File/Save, etc. But I get a customized file browser, which I am not interested in, and would like to get rid of. The Maya File Browser is also quite slow when I try to browse to any folder. Any clues how to do this - if it is at all possible ? thanks..

    asked 5 Years ago by
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    1 Answers :

    change prefs to OS Native

    There is a simple way of using the default file browser instead of using Maya's customized one. Go to

    Preferences/Settings/Files-Projects and  look for the File Dialog option.

    Change the radio button from Maya Default to OS Native.  I have tested in on Windows (Win7) and Linux (Fedora 11), No idea if it works on Mac

    Maya Filebrower OS Native

    answered 5 Years ago by
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    Thanks Kanokan, changing the prefs to OS Native worked perfect for me. By the way, I am on Win 7 too :)
    Very glad it helped you, Kris :) May I request you to accept this answer as best answer please? If not, atleast vote-up my answer. By doing so, you will be helping me too :) I wish to increase my score on the topic Maya !
    DONE ... Glad to be of help to you too, Kanokan, thats the second time you helped me in Maya !
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