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    An in-depth look at the Context of Data in ICE - Softimage

    This video takes an in-depth look at the context of data in ICE in Softimage. Understanding context can be tricky at first, but it's crucial f ...
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    Softimage 2014 - New Features and upgrades

    Here are the new features, improvements and upgrades in Softimage 2014, as revealed by Autodesk. Syflex Per Point Attributes : Syflex gets a sig ...

    emFlock2 v.2.0 (alpha) - "Morphology"

    Two and a half minutes showing a bunch of particles that flock and morph using the new emFlock2 release and the newly integrated "emFly". The simulation and the rendering were made on a single workstation with an Intel i7 processor using Softimage 2 ...
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    Character TD demo reel 2011

    Here is my lastest character TD demo reel. 1)A few professional projects I have worked on. -A monster in Paris -Elasto Culbuto -Tirelires -Little Charley bear -Xbox avatars... 2) 'Alive Maya' is an adaptation of my rigging tool for Maya. 3) 'Alive ...
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