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    Introducing Polybrush - a fresh new software for 3D modeling and 3D Sketching

    Arseniy Korablev has created a new 3D Software with an unusual method of moeling. It was originally conceived for quick 3D sketching. Interestingly, t ...

    maya boujou camera tracking match moving paint effects

    quick test using maya and some camera tracking match moving with boujou. quick paint effects on box with fire and some grass. all very fast and easy. email growthweb@yahoo.com for tutorials or to chat.
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    Motion Tracker Comparison - MatchMover, Maya Live, Mocha, After Effects

    uni3d.com - I was curious about how different tracking solutions compare to one another. Recently for a class I teach I had spent considerable time poking in these 4 tools and caught the vibe they were not equal. After these tests I can at least quan ...
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    Maya Modeling & Boujou Camera Tracking by Andy

    This model was done in Maya when learning from Cartoon Car Modeling Tutorial . Camera Tracking was done in Boujou. All composed in Adobe Aftereffects.
    source: youtube Read more / Watch Video

    Realflow 5 Camera Track in Maya

    This is a short project I did today while I had some time. I shot the background plate in my hallway with a Canon XL2, tracked the footage in Syntheyes, brought it into Maya where I reconstructed the space in 3D. Then imported it into Realflow 5 wher ...
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    Maya 2009 camera tracking Animation by Natlab

    Camera tracking animation Maya 2009 Dinamic
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    maya 3d animation boujou camera tracking matchmoving test

    quick maya 3d animation test using boujou for the matchmoving camera matching. email growthweb@yahoo.com for tutorials of what Iam learning or to chat.
    source: youtube Read more / Watch Video

    Camera Tracking Example

    This is an example I created of matching CG elemants (the checkerboard objects) onto a live-action background plate. I did this in Autodesk MatchMover and Autosesk Maya. It's also the firswt project I've done in MatchMover! There's some simple maskin ...
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    Quick test using Maya 3D software and Boujou for the camera tracking. I have lots to learn but will create tutorials for what Iam learning. Just email me at growthweb@yahoo.com. The camera tracking was all automatic and super easy. Walkerman is a fre ...
    source: youtube Read more / Watch Video

    Maya Live Camera Tracking

    Camera tracking done using Autodesk Maya Live and a Nikon D90 SLR camera. Other software: Photoshop CS4 After FX Premier
    source: vimeo Read more / Watch Video

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