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    Natalie Eagan 2012 Demo Reel

    My 2012 Demo Reel Tracking, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animating, Lighting, Rendering and Compositing Done in Syntheyes, Zbrush, Maya, Cinema 4D, MotionBuilder, and AfterEffects By Natalie Eagan
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    This is the AV-production of my groups 5th semester project at Medialogy at Aalborg University. The project explored how much effect animations had on the believability of a photorealistic CG character. The project light probed the scene in order t ...
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    Brendan Eddy's Reel

    Brendan Eddy's new Reel! Brendan Eddy is an artist that creates photoreal and stylized animation for a living. He uses Maya, Mental ray, Vray, Adobe CS, Nuke and other software. He can be contacted at b@brendaneddy.com. Shot 1: Audi R8 Spec create ...
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    Absolut Vodka

    The inspiration for this came from the Absolut commercial created by Psyop/Massmarket.I wanted to make this look as photoreal as possible.Maya was used for Modeling,shading,lighting and mental ray for rendering.After effects was used for compositing. ...
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    Campbell McGrouther - Demoreel 2011

    Demoreel 2011 breakdown: Green Lantern (Rising Sun Pictures) 2011 Lighting TD - Maya, 3Delight, Houdini, Mantra, Nuke - Lit and rendered several shots in sequence, and provided support to other lighting TDs. Participated heavily in the Lookdev and s ...
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    BRAVO: Home Of The Brave

    Rushes completed post on six, 20 second idents created by VMtv Creative to illustrate the new BRAVO look with the logo travelling down various dramatic street scenes. Virgin Media Television’s strap line for the channel, “Bravo: Home of the Brav ...
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    Demo Reel Spring 2012

    Reel Breakdown 01 SNOW GOGGLES: March 2012 - Present Tasks: UV layout and surfacing. Procedure: This is a work in progress. The texture maps were created using Pixologic Zbrush and Adobe Photoshop. The shader for each material was created using Rend ...
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    Maya Dynamics - Particles/Fluids - Smoke - Fire - Snow - Tornado

    Maya Dynamics, work for TV shows and side projects.
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    Maya Tornado Tutorial.mp4

    In this video tutorial, learn how to create an awesome tornado scene using Maya particles in just 3 minutes.
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    maya tornado

    attempt to simulate a tornado with maya fluids. particles animated along a curve were used to emit density into a fluid container. again, just another playblast, no fancy rendering, since my goal only was to learn something about maya dynamics.
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