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    Question Posted by vfoxy

    Rendering issues with Alembic file in Cinema 4D - object dissapears

    I imported an animation sequence of a creature running (made in 3ds Max) into Cinema4D. The imported format is Alembic, and it includes the camera. I ...
    News Posted by CGHelpline Team

    New features and Enhancements in Maya 2014

    Here are the new features that you will find in Maya 2014 : Advanced Modeling Workflow (Accelerated Modeling): The advanced modeling to ...

    Fabric Engine PYSG: Hair Simulation + Alembic Export

    This video shows the new hair simulation operators in action in conjunction with the AlembicExportManager. Together with the DCC deep integrations (for example for Maya) this will allow interactive Hair Simulation in KL drawn to an external applicati ...
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    Autodesk Maya 2013: Dynamics

    Maya nHair More realistic hair and other curve-based dynamics are now possible with the new Maya® nHair module for the Maya® Nucleus unified simulation framework. Bullet Physics Artists can now use the high-performance open source AMD Bullet Physic ...
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