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    Cinema 4d: Animating the treads of a tank using xpresso and only 2 keyframes!

    Inspired by a project file sent to me by Chris Priddy (thanks again!) this tutorial shows the creation of a basic tank tread and then an easy way to animate it using expresso. Lastly I show how to tie everything together and set up user data to contr ...
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    Car Animation in cinema 4D

    Car Animation in cinema 4D, this video my first attempt to create car animatio. Including Modeling, rigging with plugin, effect in after effect, editing sound in adobe premier
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    TwistedREEL 2012

    My commercial and personal work up to January 2012. Music: The Joy Formidable - Cradle Breakdown: 00:06 -- Bon Appetit -- Personal project -- Direction / Modeling / Animation / Compositing 00:10 -- Fan -- Personal project -- Direction / Modeling / A ...
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    Slo–Mo Cloth in Cinema4D

    This quick tip by Tim Clapham from www.luxx.com.au demonstrates a method of slowing down your cloth simulations. This method can be used with various other animation techniques that involve deformation of your objects at a point level. For more t ...
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    Sangue Telo

    I realized this animation in Cinema4D using the particles and clothing simulation
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    Bhutan: Land Of The Black Necked Crane

    This is my first project created at my new studio, Elevation (www.elevate.tv). Show open graphics for a documentary about black necked cranes from Bhutan. Role: Design, modeling, texturing, cloth simulation, and animation.
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    Autodesk Maya: Rigging, skin weights, and animation.

    Check those trips! Rigging: Setting up your character to make it animate-able Skin weights: A basic part to rigging animation: title tells all
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    head shader test

    Still playing around with skin shaders... Added a quick texture, still needs a better bump and spec... The animation was done very quickly - i.e. two minutes... Main focus is on the shader... w. www.warpeaceandpixels.com e. jamin@warpeaceandpixe ...
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    Attack of the Sockmonkey!!

    Another short animation project from my University of Iowa undergrad. Built in Maya and skinned in Photoshop. Music is "Bran-new Love Song" by The Pillows.
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    Character Animation Demo Reel - Spring 2011

    Character animation reel! Song is "Shut Up and Let Me Go" by The Ting Tings. Visit www.dunlapanimation.com for my resume and more work. Demo Reel Breakdown: 1. Pre-Domination War - Corrupted VS War General Software Used: Autodesk Maya & MentalRay ...
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