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    Question Posted by Andrew Nash

    Nuke - Keying hair shot against dirty green screen

    I constantly face the task of having to key an actors hair , and many a times I receive footage where the green screen is not that clean. In After E ...
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    Life of Pi and Disney-Pixar Brave shine at Visual Effects Society Awards

    The Visual Effects Society announced the winners of the 11th Annual VES Awards yesterday 5th February 2013. The highlights of the award ceremony were ...
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    Happy 20th birthday, After Effects

    Today, 16th of February 2013, its been 20 years since Adobe After Effects first launched. Join us in wishing this wonderful compositing tool a very ...
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    Weta Digital - 3D Environment development details - Rivendell - the Hobbit

    In the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the audience get to return to the Elvish Haven of Rivendell after 10 years. This Rivendell is 60 years younge ...

    Max Last Compositing Showreel May 2011

    breakdowns - 01 3ds max/Nuke - Reactor rigid body dynamics & PFlow 02 Maya/Nuke - 8 camera projected matte paintings onto geometry 03 3ds max/Photoshop - model & texture - linear lighting 04 Maya/Nuke - Rigged Character, textured all, lit, rendered 0 ...
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    'Manfred' an animated short by Arjen Klaverstijn

    ***Update: Uploaded 720p version with new audio mix... For more production art: http://www.arjenklaverstijn.com/2010/09/manfred/ twitter: http://twitter.com/arkl Manfred is an animated short that I made for my graduation project for my Bachelor of ...
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    Rendering & Compositing TD Reel 2012

    ### Rendering & Compositing TD Reel 2012 ### ### SHOT BREAKDOWN ### --------Thesis Shot - Waterfall-------- Personal work; Maya, Vue, Realflow, Nuke, 3ds Max, Photoshop, After Effects. • RealFlow Hybrido fluid simulation. ...
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    How to use masks in Blender

    Original post (with subtitled video in english and spanish): http://www.blendtuts.com/2010/12/how-to-use-masks-in-blender.html Hi everyone! Recently, a new addon ("Rotobezier", developed by Daniel Salazar, alias Zanqdo) was added to Blender, and I n ...
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    Blender 3D Compositing Tutorial Announcement

    Here's the announcement for my latest tutorial on www.cmiVFX.com. It's all about 3D Compositing with Blender. This is not only the second part of the tutorial on camera-tracking with Syntheyes (see here: http://vimeo.com/14135275), but also a complet ...
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