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    Question Posted by Jake H

    How to reset Maya keyboard shortcuts to factory defaults ?

    While playing around with the shortcut hotkeys in Maya, I managed to mess up with a lot of default settings. Anyone knows how to reset the keyboard ...
    Answer Posted by KanoKan

    How to reset Maya keyboard shortcuts to factory defaults ?

    If its only the keyboard shortcuts that you want to reset, there is a Restore Defaults button (top right hand side of hotkeys editor). If you need t ...

    3d Max Tutorial- How to Animate a BIPED !!!!!

    This is a tutorial for those who want to learn how to animate a BIPED in 3D Max, very fast, if you want to know the hotkeys to instantly play ure animation, instead of clikkin play, u can hit ( / or ? ) on ure keyboard, if u need to know the basics l ...
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    Game Engine: Create a Basic Game

    In this Blender 2.5 tutorial we're show how to create a very basic game in the Blender Game Engine with only very basic knowledge. This tutorial covers adding dynamics to objects, setting up hotkeys to move the character and using Properties for more ...
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    Making Of A Basic Rope In 3DSMax - By Travis Williams

    In this video tutorial Travis Williams demonstrates a range of techniques in 3ds Max, including modeling, pelt-unwrapping, texturing and path deforming. Intro:The rope tutorial was intended to not just be a how-to video but to demonstrate a variety ...
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    Using the cmiVFX website

    Here is a quick, low key tour of some of the features you may have missed on the cmiVFX.com website. Make sure your using all the hotkeys we have programmed in, and also keep up to date on all the features we keep adding. 2011 and 2012 are going to ...
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