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    Source_code Posted by aaachooo

    SM Facial Morph Controls unencrypted source code release

    I've received many requests over the years for the un encrypted source code of my old script Facial Morph Controls, and I am glad to do so. The ...

    WoW - 3Ds MAX tutorial for Morph Targets - Part 01

    This two part tutorial is for you guys in the hybrid machinima community who are experimenting with world of warcraft models and 3ds max. Morph targets are a great way to add face animation to low poly models without wasting your time rigging up the ...
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    Making of SCI - Collider

    We were asked by our good friends at ManvsMachine to help create their Collider concept for Discovery Science. The making of the SCI 'Collider' ident. Working from numerous references, we created the interior/lab and higly detailed collider/accelera ...
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    Here is the final video of the Shower scene. Shading, Lighting, Rendering and Water Simulation by me. Textured head with morph targets by Sri Ram. Some details : Head modeled in max and sculpted,posed and textured in Mudbox Water was simulated wi ...
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    Max rigging demo Focuzarts

    Hi All.This is my latest rigging demo on 3ds max bone rigging system.Well,however due to workload and not having enough patience,I skipped the facial rig part(although I prefer Morph targets),one can find rest of what is necessary to be in a rig.Have ...
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