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    What is a prefab in Unity and how to use a prefab

    In Unity, a prefab is a type of asset. If you know the difference between a copy and an instance in DCC tools like Maya or 3dsMax, you will have a bet ...

    the best prefabs for your app -Video 12- Unity 3D tutorial

    Get your iFFcom pro package here: http://iffcom.de/?p=2684 Please support us! Show this video and package your friends! Like us auf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/iFFcomch/167448953290312 or give us your +1 at Google +: https://plus.googl ...
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    Unity3D Demo: Architectural Beginner's Kit 2 - Prefab resources and tutorial for architecture and design visualization projects

    If you’re not a programmer, this is a must-have toolkit for architecture and design visualization projects built with Unity3D. Download the kit here: http://archvirtual.com/?p=3027
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    Review: Importing Objects into Unity from Maya

    This tutorial covers how to properly import assets into Unity from Maya, as well as how to create a Unity Prefab to scale imported files from Maya and create...
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    UNITY3D Tutorial 16 Saving Instances

    Unity3D tutorial 16 -Saving prefab instances with Unity serializer by Mike Talbot www.plethora-project.com by Jose Sanchez @jomasan
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