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    Article Posted by Arnie

    Tips for efficient Green screen setups on VFX shoots

    Hi am Arnie, a CGH team member and I was inspired into writing this quick article after I read this question that was recently posted on CGHelpline. T ...
    Article Posted by CGHelpline Team

    Life of Pi receiving BAFTA Film award for Special Visual Effects (VFX) 2013 - Video

    Video of the glorious moment when the VFX crew of Life of Pi recieves the BAFTA Film award for Special Visual Effects (VFX) on 10th February 2013 : ...
    Answer Posted by Arnie

    How to reduce green screen spill on character body and face

    I have answered the second part of your question in this article about VFX supervision on shoot

    LOST MEMORIES, Visual Effects Breakdowns

    LOST MEMORIES, Visual Effects Breakdowns. Entire post-production made on After Effects, CS5. Color grading with Color Finesse and Sapphire. Editing with Final Cut. Watch the film here: https://vimeo.com/49425975
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    visual effects | demo reel 2011

    The work : breakdown Life of Pi (stereoscopic) | Feature Film - wind storm atmospherics creation, CG ocean/animals integration, blue screen extraction | senior compositor the Grey | Feature Film - environment Fx, blue screen extraction, wire/rigs r ...
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    Reel 2010/2011

    This video shows some of my work as a 3D generalist. Breakdown: - "Hades-X" / short - Director: Milos Savic My Tasks: VFX Supervision, Shot production I did this one together with a friend. I was responsible for modeling, animation and effects plus ...
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    Sea World Commercial - (Fume FX and Krakatoa)

    Fusion CI Studios created these "ink-in-water" effects for Ntropic in San Francisco for this Sea World commercial. Fusion had the opportunity to apply a new tool set from its arsenal - 3dsMax, Fume FX & Krakatoa. This combination gave us the ability ...
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    Oscar Barrera Ι Compositing Reel 2012

    Featuring all of my work as compositing artist for the last three years at Cinecolor Digital and Metrostudio Films S.A. SHOT LIST AND BREAKDOWN: (00:08) "Comcel Madres" (TVC). Performed tasks: Compositing, plate re-grading, CG stork integration, 3D ...
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